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hanging in there.

chibimonnie has a great list of helpful links. Every little bit counts. Every little bit helps. help_japan / [community profile] help_japan are busy.

Don't lose hope!

The Obakemono Project

An index of spooks and ghouls! Or, guys whose asses we can kick. Hehehe.
Cutest little real-time battle / strategy game! Figure out why you can't conquer just one neighbor and how to manage when you summon armies of the undead. Also a great point on why there were so many samurai needed, and why they finally just had to sit it out. The battle sim goes a little fast, but you get the hang of sliding the mouse to move, and using "hold" as "take this position and hold it". You can also highlight the little dudes by drawing a box over them, and also double-clicking to do groups of dudes -- saves time.

We started playing from Aomori, of course, and now it's just you and me, Nagasaki. Okayama was no match for me! \o/

AMV by MyHeartAurora

Shusu wanted me to post this. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQiWV5KVKbU] A little heavy on Message (the kerchief wasn't my idea, honest!) but pretty cool. If embarrassing. =^_^=

In other cool fan stuff, Good Omens! I rock as a devil.

World Baseball Classic!

Okay, so most of Team Japan's from Tokyo (boo!) but we pulled it out over China! Check it out, the WBC's carried in the States.

Dotonbori (Osaka)

Got baseball on the mind, which brings us to the Curse of the Colonel. So here's some links! Just a morning's work.
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opening day!

I'm in Tokyo watching the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland A's, top of the ninth. Moss just blasted one for the Sox.

We are totally watching the next two games!

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